Elena Aseeva, Candidate of Art Criticism, Rome Italy

“…Waste of civilization – into works of art. ” Indeed, what can be simpler. This idea seems to lie on the surface. And really, today the number of those who choose plastic bags, glue, bottles and garbage containers as their material for creativity, is growing every day. It is like the truths discovered by Dadaists and abstractionists that the accumulation of dots, lines, spots and even ordinary objects is an artistic value. But, unlike in the twentieth century, in this competition of “garbage converters” there can be no winners, since humanity itself was put on the brink of self-destruction long ago. In this context, the phenomenon of Nina Nikiforova and her world, of her gallery is an organic response, even more, a doctor’s prescription to all of us, trying to find a way of balancing in reality, which is being destroyed every day.”

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