Bistra Parvanova, Editor-in-Chief Editorial and Publishing Department of the People’s Library “Ivan Vazov” Plovdiv, Bulgaria

“I welcome the artist Nikiforova, her creative ecological message and the incredible implementation of the project. The message is extremely strong both ecologically and aesthetically. The author, the bearer of an important message for humanity, has a great future in the international aspect. The preservation of the planet Earth nature and the maintaining of the sense of beauty in a human being have a universal concept that does not require translation into other languages and therefore accessible to all mankind.”

Valery Beliltsev, Business coach of international class

“… I am completely delighted with the creativity, nobility of the mission aimed at purity, the unification of people, the character education of children and adults! This is what we all lack: beauty, purity, mutual understanding, love and respect for each other, for the native land, for nature. Thank you so much for your hard work! Let your gallery be lucky and prosperous!”

Tatyana Zhukova-Metchkovskaya, Head of the studio “EcoDesign”, Vladivostok Russia

“Thanks! Thanks to God for this wonderful design “theatre”, for rebirthing the Beauty, for giving the Beauty,so to say, the second chance! The Beauty appeares here in three hypotheses: Creativity, Love and Healing.

Our group, our studio”EcoDesign” (Vladivostok) – we are ready to cooperate with this gallery and increase “White Horse’s” activity in favour of our Planet Earth. We are your fans! The town of Gelendzhik is lucky of having such wonderful masters!”

Tatyana Mironova, Gallery of Modern Art “Mironova Gallery”, Kiev Ucraine

“Today the TrashArt style is one of the most topical tendencies of modern art.

The TrashArt artists suggest that we should try and find a certain beauty in banal domestic stuff. But most of us reject this idea, find it impossible and even disgusting.

The idea of Nina Nikifirova’s project is far deeper, being just of global importance.

In her works of art the artist does demonstrate not only the beauty of ordinary things, but she also calls upon thinking that our Planet Earth is our home, and we ought to take care of Her, but not turn Her into a dump or a desert!”

Steffan Nitsulesku, General Director Farmworker National Museum, Bucharest, Romania

“…We are proud and happy of having arranged Nina Nikifirova’s exhibition at our National Museum. This exposition proves the belief that Art is not just a resourse of aesthetic enjoyment but also is a unique and important process for character education. nThank you ever so much for your contribution, your creative work!”

Elena Aseeva, Candidate of Art Criticism, Rome Italy

“…Waste of civilization – into works of art. ” Indeed, what can be simpler. This idea seems to lie on the surface. And really, today the number of those who choose plastic bags, glue, bottles and garbage containers as their material for creativity, is growing every day. It is like the truths discovered by Dadaists and abstractionists that the accumulation of dots, lines, spots and even ordinary objects is an artistic value. But, unlike in the twentieth century, in this competition of “garbage converters” there can be no winners, since humanity itself was put on the brink of self-destruction long ago. In this context, the phenomenon of Nina Nikiforova and her world, of her gallery is an organic response, even more, a doctor’s prescription to all of us, trying to find a way of balancing in reality, which is being destroyed every day.”

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