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White Horse Gallery, a non-profit organization, was established as a private cultural entity in the resort city of Gelendzhik located on the Black Sea. Its founder Nina Nikiforova, is an artist, author and Laureate of a National Award of France “Terre de Femmes – 2011”.

The goal of the gallery is to draw people’s attention to ecological problem of protecting the natural environment from the harmful impact of civilization.

Our primary tool to accomplish this goal is art. Guided by the principal “Nonuseful – to beautiful”, we create aesthetically pleasing art from the recycled materials that we usually call garbage. In the enchanted world of astonishing artworks, we have a dialogue with our spectators about a caring attitude towards the Earth and its resources. Our main methods are exhibitions, contests, master-classes, festivals, and ecology lessons.

We organized a permanent exposition of collages, assemblages, landscape forms, and interior décor in three locations. The open air gallery, the summer pavilion, and the exhibition hall together with the art studio cover 600 square meters (6458.35 sq. ft.).

With our mobile interactive exhibitions, we’ve been to Sankt Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, and near and far abroad. With great success, we presented our projects in Bulgaria, Rumania, Spain, Ukraine, and Chernogoriya. Obviously, the issue of Nature conservation and a caring attitude towards earth resources is understandable to people of all nationalities, and the suggested method of its resolution by creative participation is important to everyone.

Our expositions are very interesting to both, children and adults of any age. Many of them become involved with the art of creating works from recycled materials, and we named this Ecological Art. Children are our legacy. It is important they understand that life on our beautiful and flourishing planet depends on them as our future. That is why for many years, we’ve been implementing “Foal”, the children’s project that involved practically all regions of Russia and other countries.

Our mission is in the“Four Rs”:

  1. Remake garbage into beauty
  2. Reveal it to people
  3. Rejoice by a variety of application possibilities of the recycled materials
  4. Raise people’s awareness of creative participation in nature conservation.

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